About Us

   The collection began in the early 2000’s and has been going strong ever since. After trying different ventures including podcasting and YouTubing, however, those didn’t pan out but the passion for media and getting ideas out to the world was always there. That drive was always in the realm of fashion. It started out as working with some designers to try to get something going, it ended up fizzling out. There was not a lot of freedom and the right creative space to truly bring ideas to life. There are plenty of people out here doing fashion, so it was important that the goal was to come out and do something different. CLOTHING BASED ON ART! The mission was to watch it turn into the next high-end designer label and transform that into a huge mass market brand. The 1 of 1 Collection Gallery is constructed to the highest quality, and pride ourselves on supplying high end products. The goal is to always have clothes on that are different. 1 of 1 is to be
synonymous with extravagant style and luxury and continue to redefine fashion. People should wear the products with a confidence knowing that they are helping build a brand that is not like any other.